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Messages of Support from Our Leaders

What I am excited to see come from Home Share is far more then just the physical space shared by two people. It's the comfort and sense of home which this project will provide people with I can't wait to see develop.
Andrew Harvey Home Share Project Coordinator
Accommodation costs in the St. John's area are on the rise while vacancy rates are amongst the lowest in the country, making it difficult to find housing on a student's budget. Students are excited for the new pool of affordable housing options the Home Share program will provide.
Canadian Federation of Students, NL
The City of St. John's is pleased to support this innovative housing approach that addresses the needs of both seniors and students.
Mayor Dennis O'Keefe Mayor of St. John's
Seniors want to remain independent in their own homes as long as they can. The Home Share program will help seniors be able to do just that!
Aging Issues Network


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  • City of St. John's
  • Government of Canada
  • Seniors Resource Centre
  • Memorial University
  • Canadian Federation of Students NL
  • Dc Design House
  • Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Town of Torbay
  • Town of Paradise
  • College of the North Atlantic